Husain The Leader Of Free Men
The Leader of Free Men

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International campaign of Hossain-the leader of freemen

With the grace of Allah Almightyan international campaign named #HOSSAIN_THE_LEADER_OF_FREEMEN has been organized.We will be providing cultural and welfare services to the pilgrims of Imam Hossain (as) in Arbaeen 2018.

FreemenLeader - Leader of Freemen

This campaign will serve the following objectives:

1: Conveying the true message of the movement of Imam Hossain (AS) to the people around the world

2: Supporting all the oppressed people around the globe despite their race or religion

3: Establishing unity and harmony amongst all sects and religions

4: Attracting the international volunteers to serve at the great walk of Arbaeen

FreemenLeader - Leader of Freemen